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1970 Karmann Beetle Cabrio

….This was brought over from California in 2004, when the owner decided to bring it with the when they moved home. Since then, it’s was sat in a garage locally without turning a wheel, as it needed a little work to get back on the road but circumstances fell against them so it never happened. I discovered it’s existence a few years back, but didn’t have the funds to buy it back then. As it turned out, I made enquiries a few months ago to see if she’d sold it, to be told that it was still there and in the same condition. We struck a deal and I took it of her hands. It has a genuine 41000 miles on the clock, with the engine itself (a H code 1500cc single port, running twin port cooling) having had a rebuild 200 miles before being shipped to the UK. Matched to this is an AH code gearbox. Since I bought it, I’ve given it a good going over, and replaced all the flexi fuel lines for R9 (and fuel clips), overhauled the braking system with a new master cylinder, all new front drums / cylinders / shoes / everything, rebuilt rear brakes and new flexi brake lines throughout. I’ve gone over the engine and replaced the oil cooler (after a leak), and new exhaust gaskets / clamps / sump gaskets / replaced the distributor, new leads / plugs and a fresh dynamo…It fires on the button and runs / charges perfectly. There were 3 small areas that needed cutting out and replacing. 2 of them at either side of the rear parcel shelf, and a patch in the spare wheel well. Up front I’ve fitted a 2” narrowed beam and CB performance dropped spindles. New Protech dampers have been fitted all round (13-way adjustable) and work really well. Great piece of kit. I’ve fitted a full new underfelt kit from Newton Commercial, and a full carpet kit in grey Perlon from them too, which sets it off really well. A new windscreen (and seal) was sourced from Cool Air. The wheels are original EMPI Sprints. I’ve cleaned them and lacquered them. The front tyres are brand new and the rear have a few hundred miles on them. There are a few niggles that I’m trying to deal with. The horn keeps beeping randomly (I’ve run a new cable but I think it’s catching on the coupling, I’m aiming to fix that before it goes), the fuel gauge reads empty (I’ve a few, hoping to swap it out ASAP). I’m also missing the rear seat retainers that clip through the hood mechanism covers. The hood inner has a little rip but doesn’t stop it working fully. It also appears to have 2 outer covers missing (all in photos). I’ve gone over the whole paintwork, it was covered in chips and scratches and I hate them, so have blended back through the many previous layers to smooth them off. It ain’t perfect but IMO it’s better. Any questions, please do ask. It’s located in Kendal, Cumbria. Price – £8500. This is priced to sell, there’s a LOT of very expensive ones out there. I will require a £200 non-refundable deposit to remove it from sale. I have it advertised elsewhere, and will pull this listing should it sell.

This VW Convertible Beetle is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £8500.00, this VW Convertible Beetle may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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