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….07954052764 – may swap or part exchange for something you have – i do like my classic cars as i am a collector – i am also after a campervan – or cash or a mix of both – or maybe a lovely classic motorcycle etc etc – youtube vid clip >>>> ok so here we have my one off Vw bgw spectre opera 1967 beetle – 2 door coupe – willy’s recreation. ((( IF YOU LIKE THE 1940’s WILLY’S )) STYLE COUPE AMERICAN HOTROD BUT CANT AFFORD £60.000 THEN HERE IS THE NEXT BEST THING TO IT 🙂 its been in many shows and again booked up for the middlesex show at uxbridge 2018 and also at stonors park 2018 . its also in the vw historic beetle club as pics show bodykit all from bgw in the USA costing £5800 fitted . and my car is on there main web page showing off this lovely one off kit . the rear end is the style of the 1940’s willys and the front 1940’s ford . the doors have been cut and rounded and the wings have been made 3 inches wider than the standard vw . amazing designed flush & flat 3 piece alloy diamond cut grill wide front and rear lovely black steel rims deep dish genuine 31500 miles with history to show very comfy bmw 3 series leather seats 2 seats in rear to suit kids or teens or smaller adults sounds like a v8 when cruising down the street lovely interior almost mint brand new pioneer bluetooth cd player in car 6×9 speakers in rear 4 x brand new chunky show tyres this elegant sleek vehicle is on the road weekly and rides like brand new with age . custom moon disc stainless steel anti rust wheel discs . it is now tax and mot exempt JUST HAD THE FOLLOWING WORK CARRIED OUT jacking up of the vehicle by our trusted vw / audi specialist 48 YRS EXPERIENCE ON ONLY AIR COOLED OLDIES . pics above to show work done . just had a brand new refurb done on the whole gearbox and replaced all inner bearings etc etc etc – costing £1200 total with labour . fitted new distributor cap & new ht leads run engine and had timing check ( perfect ) adjust carburettor ( perfect ) adjust rear brakes – ( sanded all interior drums whistle clean and brakes too ) new drum gaskets fitted too !! adjust clutch & brake pedal free play – super adjust recent clutch fitted just had a new thrust bearing fitted . front and rear shocks steering damper new red gaiters on arms bearings callipers heat exchangers regulator quickshaft brake drums ‘ cylinders ‘ discs ‘ shoes ‘ cables upper and lower ball joint drop spindles vehicle road tested and only found a wiper needed changing – and a bearing needed replacing – this has since been done . he said the car was amazing and he had never seen one before and that the 1967 was the best year of them all and told me the reasons why ———- just the paintwork in places look a little tired but not horrid at all as pics show its quite nice . LOTS OF NEW RECENT RECEIPTS SHOWING ALL THE WORK CARRIED OUT . ALONG WITH PICS AND VIDEO CLIPS TO SHOW THIS TOO . .. MORE INFO HERE OF THE MODEL …. this model was made for 1 year only and all collectors love this model alot as it still had the classic look yet had the 12v system and an upgraded engine . london was in full swing – hemlines were rising and morals falling . more importantly all manner of groundbreaking modifications were made to the peoples car – not least a whole lot of technical changes that would take the beetle into the next decade .heres how that infamous year and the milestone changes to the bug unfolded . ken dodds christmas show was the most watched on the box – the beetles released sergeant pepper in a haze of drug fuelled genius – che guevara is shot and a man is given a new heart for the 1st time -the dartford tunnel is opened – plans for the creation of a new town called milton keynes are revealed – and spurs beat chelsea 2-1 in the FA cup . 1967 was a hell of a year youll not find another opera bgw spectre like this with the specs above – for those who cant afford the lovely blown willy’s 1940s icon for £50.000 then this is as close as it gets to it . i will also provide a video clip and better pics when i get 5 mins although all of the above are upto date within the last 2 weeks

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