1968 1200 Beetle Cal Look. Volksworld show and feature car. 2276 IDA Magneto

….I carried out a full bare metal restoration on the car in 2013 and built it as a Cal Looker with a 2276 engine. I used as many genuine VW Mexico parts as possible and best quality panels available throughout including a pair of VW heater channels and bottom plates which have the holes welded up and smoothed as I wasn’t planning on using any heating. Genuine VW Mexico front bulkhead, front quarters, rear luggage tray, rear bumper hangers and both doors. I used rust free donor German VW front and rear valances, a good second hand bonnet and repaired the rear quarter panels and body mounts. Wolfsburg West floor pans, with a new framehead bottom plate. The chassis is painted gloss black. 2” narrowed original German beam and 1600 GT gearbox. All new steering and suspension parts – track rod ends, ball joints etc. Front brakes upgraded to discs, new master cylinder, polished copper nickel hard lines etc. The engine is a 2276 with IDAs and Magneto ignition detailed in a 70s style. 1 5/8 header and twin quiet pack exhaust. Original Santana pulley and Race Trim breather box. FK8 cam and Scat D port 40×37.5 valve heads. Full flow with external cooler. The body is painted chinchilla grey and has been colour sanded and machine polished to remove all orange peel. Rebuilt using only stainless hardware with new seals and glass. Detailed stock style wiring loom etc. Interior by Trimming Tonic in a fat biscuit style, with a German square weave carpet, 1200 headliner from Spirit interior. Stock 1200 steering wheel. Berg shifter. The wheels are about to be replaced with a set of Porsche Riviera wheels with 145r15 Michelin XZX front and 185/70r15 Michelin XWX rear tyres. The car has won a few trophies and has been on display at the Volksworld show in 2014, and in Volksworld magazine. At the moment the 2276 is in a friends Splitty, and he is interested in buying it. Currently there is no engine fitted, so at the moment Im offering my car for sale with a choice of the 2276 engine for £13000, a twin carb 1641 engine for £9750, or with no engine for £7000. Any questions drop me a message. Cheers

This Cal Look VW Beetle is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £13000.00, this Cal Look VW Beetle may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

Cal Look VW Beetle on eBay

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