VW Beetles for Sale website is where you’ll find lots of classic and modern used VW Beetles for sale or auction.

We’re huge bug and bus fans and we’ve created this website to provide you with lots of helpful information and most of all lots of auctions and classifieds for VW Beetles.

The majority of our listings are provided by eBay UK, who are the worlds biggest auction site. Rather than having to trawl through lots of irrelevant listings we categorise the pick of the crop in easy to navigate sections on our site.

We’ve just added a new section to help you search for used and new Parts such as engines and body panels which we will be improving over the next few weeks offering everything you need to keep your bug up and running.

We’re also compiling a Renovation/Restoration section to help your project reach fruition so feel free to send us your experiences of your own build.

Important. As our content and ads are sourced from a third party (primarily eBay UK) we cannot be responsible for their accuracy or content. However we do update and check the site daily.

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